Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Family Sleepover

Saturday-Sunday, March 4-5 2018

The Chelsea Bowmans had a March Break trip to the Dominican Republic planned for their family.  To get a good rest before their early morning flight on Sunday morning, they came to 9 Lambert for Saturday night dinner and a sleepover. The boys were excited about their airplane flight.  Maman practiced her Spanish. Papa helped Grandpa with a radio repair.  Sam and David played with Uncle Grant.  After dinner, they had fun snuggling into their new bed. Soon it was time for our 5:30am breakfast.  Off to the airport.  Boots stayed home, enjoying a good rest beside Barbara as she worked on typing her mother’s 1934 diary.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Family Dinner

Saturday, February 17

Aunt Wanda had planned a Bowman family pot luck dinner. We all got together at her house Saturday afternoon. Samuel and David had fun playing with Gavin, ending with rubbing their feet on the carpet and giving adults electric shocks. Lots of laughs!

Winterlude 2018: Snowflake Kingdom

Friday, February 16

Barbara picked up the boys today at Maman’s office – it was a PD Day for both of them. As we drove past the Tim Horton’s on Richmond Rd., they both exclaimed it was “Roll Up the Rim” time. So we stopped at the next Tim Horton’s on Greenbank Road and ordered three small hot chocolates. Sam was very happy to roll up the rim with the message that he had won a donut, so we quickly went to the cash and he selected a large strawberry/whipped cream donut. We took it to Barbara’s and Sam shared it with David.

Then it was time to visit Winterlude Snowflake Kingdom in Jacques Cartier Park.  It was a sunny warm day – great to be outdoors. The boys hopped into a bobsled.

Then they had fun tubing... first they tested out the double snow tubing (but the line up was long). Tubes were the 2-person model so they slid down with Grant and Barbara.

We then found the 1-person tubes with a much shorter lineup – the boys loved these rides, especially the ending in a pile of straw.

They also enjoyed visiting the playground, munching on chocolate beaver tails and checking out some carved animals…  Then it was time to say goodbye to Winterlude and go and meet Papa.