Friday, December 1, 2017

Grey Cup+

November 26 and 28

Maman, Papa, the boys and Mary Janet joined Barbara, Grandpa and Grant to watch the Grey Cup on Sunday evening. We all enjoyed Papa’s pike and Bass for a fish dinner. We were cheering for Toronto as Mary Janet was visiting. Sam had made a blue and white Argonauts cake. We also tested the Christmas cake David and Grandpa had made. And the Argos won!

On Tuesday we had a chili dinner together in Chelsea and enjoyed some more of Sam’s football cake as well as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Maman had made. The boys showed us where they put the birch snowmen they had worked on with Grandpa. Then they played and had a bath. In the meantime the adults carried in a large chest of drawers from Rick’s house to use for the boys’ clothes. Putting their clothes in the big drawers in their bedroom was fun for the boys.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3 Days at 9 Lambert

November 18-21, 2017

Maman was off to join Papa in Las Vegas for a few days of rock climbing. We had lunch with her on Saturday and then took her to the airport. Then Grandpa helped the boys make snowmen out of cross sections of birch logs – they were very careful to do everything just right and proudly put their finished snowmen in boxes to take home (surprise for Maman and Papa). At night they settled into bed with a story from Grandpa.

Sunday morning greeted us with snow. The boys went out right after breakfast and founds lots to do. Then David started the puzzle they had brought.

On Monday and Tuesday, the boys went to their schools in Chelsea. They guided us to follow the rules when we dropped them off and picked them up. After school on Monday they worked on their puzzle until it was finished. On Tuesday Maman and Papa would be back to pick them up.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

David Bakes, Ski Jumps and Goes Out for Dinner

November 10, 2017

David had lunch and spent the afternoon at 9 Lambert (Sam was at school).

First he made his own nacho lunch and ate 3 bowlfuls.

 Then it was time to help Grandpa make his Christmas cakes. He soon became a good stirrer.

He had fun playing with Grant and got skilled at ski jumping on the Wii.

For supper we joined his grandparents, his parents and Samuel at the Friends of Tibet 21st Annual Benefit Dinner - Helping Tibetans in need. He was interested in the children's dancing. And he loved his Indian dinner with his favourite momos. He also did some colouring and demonstrated how he could "make money" with his new money making machine. He enjoyed his "night out".