Saturday, October 14, 2017

David is 5

October 14, 2017

David had been saying he was "almost 5" for a long time... Today was a special Hallowe'een birthday party with friends and family. Karine had done an amazing job of decorating the house, preparing games and costumes... When the guests arrived David was happy to show them his new Paw Patrol truck and plane. The kids enjoyed the Hallowe'en snack table. They went outside for a follow the eye balls treasure hunt - running fast around the trail to find the glow stick treasures. Inside there were games: feel yucky Hallowe'en  items, dress the skeleton blindfolded, open/play with gifts, and the grand finale, a pumpkin pinata. Two year old Calvin got up from his nap just in time for the birthday cupcakes. A last play with the new toys and then it was time to say goodbye to all the party friends. A very special day for David.